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    How do I clean my Willow robot?

    Here you can find instructions on how to clean your Willow. Not properly cleaning your Willow can result in voiding your warranty.

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    Multi-Zone Installation

    The more you discover about your personal robot, the more you can make her work for you. So let us move on to a Master setup! Once you master the basics, you are ready to move on to the Master setup below. A Master setup can for example be a multi-zone setup, where your robot needs to cross a path to go to another zone.

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    How does a Willow robot navigate?

    The Willow robot uses a camera to navigate through the world. Just like humans use their eyes to find their way around, your robot looks at the world and decides where to go.

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    StarLight tools to create and edit a map for your robot

    Here is a quick explanation of the icons you can use to edit your map in the EEVE app. Go through each of the icons step by step.

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    How does the EEVE app connect to my Willow robot?

    One of the key characteristics of the EEVE app (iOS and Android) is that it allows you to connect to your robot from anywhere in the world. What’s extra special is, is that the connection is ‘peer-to-peer’. This means your phone makes a direct connection to your robot, without passing through the EEVE servers. The main advantage is that images of your garden are perfectly private and do not pass via our systems.

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