Initial walk: One zone

Let's start with the beginner setup! During this fase, you can easily make your first map. Start with one zone, install the charging station on the lawn or on your patio close to the lawn and start to gain experience with Personal Robots.


If you have not done so yet, complete the garden scan and find out how you can make Willow work in your garden. 

Step 1: Download the EEVE app from your App Store

You can find the EEVE app here:

The first time you use the app, you will not have an EEVE account yet. Just type in the same e-mail address as used when you bought your Willow, then you will be able to choose your password. 

Once you are logged in, you can choose a name for your robot.

! Make sure to read the safety guidelines, continue once you are done with that. 

Step 2: Unbox Willow

Take Willow and her charging station out of the box. 

! Do not use a knife to open the box to avoid damaging your robot. 

Step 3: Install docking station

Choose a location for your station.

The first thing you need to do is choose the perfect location for your charging station. 

There are 3 important things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure there is a strong Wi-Fi connection, in order to receive all the latest and greatest updates. You can use your smartphone to test the Wi-Fi connection. To test the connection, you stand on the location of choice and make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, and surf to A connection of more than 30 Mbps is a good connection, in case you achieve over 50 Mbps, then you have a strong connection. 
  2. Make sure that you install the charging station on a flat surface. This is needed to assure proper charging. 
  3. Lastly, make sure there are 3 meters of free space in front of the station and next to the station. Make sure that there are no objects or a pool in this area.

> As a beginner, install your charging station on the lawn or on the patio at max. 6 meters away from the lawn and in line of sight.

Once you have found the perfect spot, you can place your charger and plug in the electricity
(learn more about outside electricity sockets)

! Do not pin down or screw on the Charging Station until the installation has been completed.

Step 4: Place Willow on her charging station

  • Place Willow on the Charging Station.

Her back needs to be aligned with the station.

  • Now wait for her eyes to light up.

Proceed to the next step only when the eyes indicate at least 50% charge (meaning eyes).

! The charging station must receive power, watch out for outlets outside where the fuse defaults to OFF in the electrical box (otherwise Willow will show sad eyes)

Step 5: Connect Willow to Wi-Fi

  1. Add your network details in the app.
  2. Wait for the QR-code to be shown on your phone.

This QR-code needs to be read by Willow:

  •    Hold your phone 20-30 cm in front of Willow in the middle of her screen. 
  •    Wait for Willow to show her 'Wi-Fi-eyes'.

If you have more networks at home you can easily add them too through the 'Add a network' button. 

Step 6: Your first walk together!

! Perform this procedure only between 3 hours after sunrise and 3 hours before sunset.

Walk with your robot.

The next and last thing you need to do is go for a walk with your robot.

Now there are some conditions that need to be in place before you can do that. The app will show you everything:

  • Is your battery charged enough? Check.
  • Is it not raining? Check.
  • It is daytime and not too close to sunrise or sunset? Check.
  • Is your robot still connected to the Wi-Fi? Check.

You can now go for a walk with your Willow robot and show her your garden.


Walk with your robot, part 2.

There are extra tips & tricks in the app. You can always watch the video again on how to do the walk.

Let’s go for a walk!

  • When clicking ‘go for a walk’ the app will automatically go to the main screen, where you see your camera view. This can help you to understand how the robot follows you. In case the connection stops, don’t worry, you can keep on walking with your robot.
  • When you walk around with your robot you don’t need to walk on the edge of your lawn or just next to it. You can stay 3 meters away from the edge, this makes it easier to walk. Walking with your robot doesn’t define the work area of your robot. Walking with your robot makes her understand the different zones you have without actually defining the work area.
  • Don’t come too close to the robot when you walk with her, don’t block the camera in any way. You may need to redo the walk when you come too close to the camera. The best position is to stay in front of her at 3 to 6 meters distance. In some circumstances, you may need to come closer, just make sure you don’t get closer than 1 meter.
  • Once you are back at the charging station, just go stand next to the charging station. Your robot will come closer, see the charging station and dock autonomously.


Once Willow is docked, she will go into learning mode. She playbacks the recording she made during the walk and learns to know her environment.

! This can take a few hours up to a day.

Once she finished learning she will start to mow automatically.

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