What to expect in the upcoming updates.

last updated: 26th of September 2022

We don't publish dates because it is simply not possible to stick to them.

Because we are making something that has never been done before, by nobody, worldwide.
It is just impossible to estimate a realistic timeframe if it has never been done before.

What we do instead is:

  • We release software updates about every 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks great new things come your way.
  • We keep you updated on a regularly base what we are working on, you can read about it on this page.
  • As well as we regularly publish videos where we showcase the new features.

The next showcase is planned for half September. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.


In progress.
The next features we are working on right now.


We just (26th of September) announced a video about the status where we are with the roadmap.

In the coming week we will wrap-up the update and test it together with the DareDevils. If all goes well the update will be released to all robots in the first week of October.

We will publish our updated roadmap as well in the first week of October.

Most likely following tasks will be in it: erase parts of an explore map, always have a position (the robot), and many more.

Excited about what's to come?

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