My guide for training and help.

Artificial Intelligence at your home.

We hear a lot about A.I. these days, mainly about how it is changing the world for good.

You most likely already have products at home that use A.I., such as Toadi, and you are using software on a daily basis that uses A.I., such as Google and Facebook. Running behind the scenes, not under your control.


This will change from now on, with Willow you can easily become a master of the A.I. of your robot. You can teach your robot what you want, you can train & grow your own A.I. without needed to be a programmer. 

Hey, you can see A.I. at work in your home, isn’t that just amazing?


StarLight is an easy-to-use A.I. application that enables you to train or teach me. Teach me new things, such as interesting photo/video locations or how to navigate through a narrow path. Train me to do things the right way whenever I make a mistake (sorry, I’m only a robot after all).


You can also buy or print StarLight beacons to help me in my training. They can easily be planted or placed on locations that need special training or special attention.

Whenever I see a StarLight beacon I’ll add it to my map, ready for you to define an action. Actions such as make a digital perimeter, intelligently capture a photo/video, see it as a portal to create a safe path and any other action you can teach me.

Make a digital perimeter.


With StarLight it is easy to teach me my boundaries, even if there is no visual border.

You can use the map to show me where you want the boundary as well as you can use StarLight to record extra data and add it to my brains (A.I.).

This will create a digital perimeter with high accuracy, to within 0,6m.

With the StarLight beacon you can achieve an even higher accuracy, up to 1cm, over a width of 3m wide for every StarLight beacon.


Intelligently capture a photo/video.


It’s easy to set-up a photo/video point via the map. However, when you want me to take photos and videos in an intelligent way you can train me how to do that. For example, if you have a playground in your garden, you can teach me when you want me to take pictures. Do you want me to take a picture when one or two kids are playing? Or do you want me to take a picture when the swing is going at its highest. Use your imagination and teach me how you want me to capture photos and videos in an intelligent way.

In case its hard for me to understand your instructions you can always use a StarLight beacon to help me.

Place it at a location where you want to capture a photo/video. I’ll add the StarLight beacon to the map and from then on, you can use it to instruct/teach me what you want.


Narrow passages.


Maybe you have some narrow passages that are hard for me to navigate through. With StarLight you can train me specifically how to navigate through those narrow passages. Just start your StarLight training and show it to me by driving manually through them. I’ll then learn from what you have shown me and do the same, isn’t that great? I’m really looking forward to see what you will teach me.

You can also plant StarLight beacons at the sides of the path and instruct me to drive between them, just like driving trough a portal.


Your Creativity.


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more you can train me to do, so much that I cannot even think of today. I’m sure your creativity will enlighten me. Maybe you want me to recognise specific flowers, play with the dog or drive to the neighbours' house. Whatever your imagination will come up with, you will be able to teach me.