Landscaped gardens guide.

No visible borders

Small wooden blocks creating visual border max. 40cm apart

A visible cord creating visual border

A cloth creating visual border


You want to exclude certain areas where Willow can't mow, for example because of a pond, a swimming pool, wild grasses with flowers,...

Solution 1: No-go zones

Draw a no-go zones over the area where Willow is not allowed to drive. You can easily do that with the Starlight tools in the EEVE app. 

Solution 2: Create a visual border for Willow

In case you need high precision: create a visual border.

  • Picture 1: Small wooden blocks 40cm apart
  • Picture 2: A visible cord
  • Picture 3: A cloth separating zones 

These are all different borders for Willow. There are many possible boundaries you can create. You can order the border from picture 3 through our support department. Just let us know what amount you'd need and we'll send you a quote. 

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Solution 1: a border of at least 50cm

Solution 2: create a visual border for Willow to not cross


In case you have a pool/pond/water in your garden that doesn't clearly have a border.

Solution 1: No-go zones

Draw a no-go zones over the area where Willow is not allowed to drive. You can easily do that with the Starlight tools in the EEVE app. 

Solution 2: Create a visible border

Picture of pool: Create a border that distinguishes the grass from the water. We recommend a border of 50 cm, this will make automatic border mowing possible in the future.
If you keep your grass short and you don't need automatic border mowing, then 25 cm may even be enough. In that case, please do some testing before you let your robot work independently. 

Picture of pond:Create a border that Willow can clearly see and cannot cross. We used wooden blocks here but anything that Willow can see and not go in between is good. 

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Narrow passages

Create a pathway of at least 1 meter
Borders can have a maximum height of 2cm

Case: passage to cross zones

In order for Willow to navigate swiftly in places that are less than 3 meters wide, she needs a helping hand. 

  1. Narrow stretches of lawn: draw a narrow passage with the Starlight tools in the EEVE app. 
  2. Narrow passage to another zone: use Starlight tools to draw portals and grasszones between them. 

In narrow passage zones and portals, Willow will take smaller turns to improve navigating. 

To go to another zone in your garden, Willow needs to cross a pathway of at least 1 meter wide. 

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Unknown objects

Case: found an 'unknown' object

It sometimes happens that Willow doesn't recognize an object. But in case she does, you can help us out! 


You can create a recording of the object via Willow's camera. This recording will help us help you! We then train Willow to recognize this new object. 

How to?

  1. Drive to the area you want to record
  2. Click on the red record button at the bottom right of your screen, the last two minutes will be saved (image 1)
  3. Write a brief comment to explain your recording (image 2) 
  4. "Send to HQ" (image 2)
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Case: You have multiple mowing zones

It's called multi-zone if Willow needs to cross a path to go to another grass-zone. If you have multi-zone there are two ways to make it work.

Solution 1: Multi-Zone Installation

Go to our Quick Install Guide.

Make sure to draw seperate zones with the Starlight tools in the EEVE app. 

Solution 2: You can drive Willow manually to the zones

You can drive Willow yourself to the other zone to let her mow.


In the EEVE app:

  1. Swipe up the acitivity tray at the bottom of your screen
  2. Click on "Drive me manually"
  3. Drive to second zone
  4. Stop manual driving by clicking on the square 
  5. Willow will now automatically go in her mowing schedule


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Stone pathway or stepping stones


If you have a stone pathway in your garden, Willow will think that they are an obstacle and will keep a safe distance of it. She will not mow the grass surrounding the 'obstacles'. 

Solution: Manual border mowing

In the correct circumstances a mowing robot can also mow the edges of your lawn. 

The safe option available today is manual border mowing, you can remote control your robot while she mows the borders of your lawn. From now on you can safely instruct Willow to manually start her mowing motor and drive her to wherever you want to mow the borders (manually).
This functionality can be found via the Remote Control, in the Controls section. It is called ‘Mow borders’ and it has 3 buttons (that are disabled by default).

For safety reasons we have integrated a method to make sure that you are near Willow when you activate the mowing motor:

  1. open the remote control and open the ‘Controls’ section;
  2. position Willow at the beginning of the location you want to mow;
  3. show Willow the QR code, you will see that the buttons become active in your Remote Control; 
  4. you can now click on ‘Start mowing’ to activate the mowing motor;
  5. just drive over the location you want to mow;
  6. once you are finished you can ‘Stop Border Mowing’ to stop the mower and deactivate the buttons. 

There is a timeout of 30 seconds, if you don’t drive around for 30 seconds or don’t use the mower motor functionality for 30 seconds the buttons will disable automatically.

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Line mowing

Beta version

Line mowing is an efficient way to cover large areas and it gives a finished and clean look to your lawn. 

Today line mowing is a daredevil feature and can be activated under the daredevil tab in the Remote Control. 

Today line mowing is beta function. As soon as it will be moved out of beta, stability will improve and more patterns will be available!

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Border mowing

Autonomous Border Mowing

Activating border mowing with Willow allows your robot to neatly trim the borders of your lawn, giving it a professional and clean appearance. By adding "Mow border" zones using the StarLight tools, you can easily control where Willow trims the borders.

WARNING: Willow is programmed to drive over borders only where stone floors are visible. If your lawn's border is adjacent to stairs, a ledge, or any area where there might be a sudden change in elevation that could cause Willow to fall, you must avoid drawing the "Mow border" zone over these areas. Willow may interpret this as permission to drive over such regions, leading to potential damage or malfunction. Please be aware that misuse of the "Mow border" feature in such instances will void your warranty.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the StarLight Tools

  • On your computer, tablet, or smartphone, open the StarLight tools.

Step 3: Click on the edit button next to 'Zones'

  • Find and click on the edit button next to "Zones" in the drop-down menu.
  • This will allow you to view and edit the different mowing zones for your lawn.

Step 4: Create a 'Mow Border' Zone

  • Click on the "Add Mow Border Zone" button.
  • Use your finger or mouse to draw the zone on top of the region where you want Willow to mow the borders.
  • Adjust the size and shape of the zone as needed to accurately cover the borders of your lawn.

Step 5: Save and Sync

  • Once you've drawn the "Mow border" zones, click the "Save" button to store the changes.

Step 6: Verify Operation

  • Start a mowing session with Willow to see the border mowing in action. Adjust the zones as needed for optimal performance.
  • If you encounter any issues, contact customer support.

Congratulations! You've successfully activated border mowing on your Willow lawn mowing robot. Enjoy the precisely trimmed edges and the enhanced beauty of your lawn.

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