StarLight tools to create and edit a map for your robot

Here is a quick explanation of the icons you can use to edit your map in the EEVE app. Go through each of the icons step by step.

Drawing icons:

  • Blue: Digital Perimeter
    Always start by drawing a digital perimeter, this is your canvas to work on. Use it to roughly mark your territory, and stay about 5 meters outside your full garden. In the case of an open garden, draw the line on the edge of your territory. Make sure the perimeter excludes the street in front of your house.
  • Red: No-go zone
    Draw an island inside a grass zone to prevent Willow from going there.
  • Green: Grass zone
    Use this to mark the zone(s) where there is grass to mow. Attention, this is not a perimeter, so your robot will not stay within this zone if there is no visual border. The goal is for your robot to know how large the area is.
  • Pink: Portal
    Use to show your robot where she can safely go from one zone to another, and to go outside a grass zone to dock. Make sure to overlap a piece of grass zone so your robot can get into the portal.
  • Yellow: Narrow Passage
    Use to mark areas with passages of less than 3 meters wide. The robot will navigate differently here.
  • Green icon: Charging station
    Mark the location of your charging station and make sure draw a portal around it (even if the charging station is in the grass).

Editing icons:

  • Arrow: Change the shape of a zone
  • Crossed Arrows: Move a zone
  • Eraser: Erase a zone