Long Lasting Battery
Li-ion battery technology combined with our efficient energy management system to ensure a long-lasting battery life. After 6 years of use we expect the battery pack to still work at more than 70% of its capacity.
Dual Motors
Brushless motors, long-lasting and extremely quiet. Dual motors make Willow go up to slopes of 25% and the Willow Pro go up to slopes of 35%.
Willow maintains 1500 m2 of lawn and secures up to 3600 m2, while Willow Pro maintains 3600 m2 of lawn.
Silent whisper
Zen, relax, silent: <50dB.
Our plastic is produced (100%) from renewable vegetable raw materials (corn starch or sugar cane).
Durable protection
Finished with a nano-ceramic coating to protect your Willow the whole-year round and in all weather conditions.
Designed for your yard
Nature is beautiful, your yard is beautiful, your outdoor furniture is beautiful, and so is your Willow.
The perfect eye
The 4K camera onboard is the perfect eye for Willow, to work and to create mementos for you.
See in the dark
Integrated infrared lights makes Willow see in the dark, up to 15 meters.
It’s getting hot in here
The internal heating system defrost the screen when needed during the winter.
The GPS allows you to always locate your Willow whenever she is connected to the internet.
Willow remembers the best WiFi location in your yard and drives towards it when needed to send you messages or download updates.
Subscribe to a monthly data-plan and have your Willow always connected to the internet.
Less is more
Subtle, small, yet powerful.
To be with you
Made to be installed in your garden, not only to be with you but also to protect you. Power cord of 1.5 meters.
There is energy in the air
Wireless power transmission between the charger and Willow.
In the box
Your Willow, the charger and 4 blades.
Standard warranty
2 years
For surfaces up to 1500 m2
For slopes up to 25%
Willow Pro
For surfaces from 1500 to 3600 m2
For slopes up to 35%

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