Invest in a sustainable future.

The world's first affordable personal robot.

Autonomous navigation. Intelligent, no perimeter wire needed.

Obstacle avoidance. Easy, comfortable & safe.

Multifunctional. Mowing, security & entertainment.

A Purpose Driven Company

Why? Radically redesign the global supply chain, to take the cost of people and planet into account.

How? By pushing the edge of technology to make the best personal robots.

What? Personal Robots and Robot Platforms, Personal Robot Shops, Tools and Services.

Equity Crowdfunding

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Equity crowdfunding:

  • Invest in shares from anywhere in the world
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EEVE Open Capital

EEVE customers and enthousiasts can invest directly in the company


EEVE open capital (anywhere in the world):

  • Invest in EEVE shares
  • Tickets from € 30000

We are open to investors

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