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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy applies to all online services (that may be) provided to you by The Toadi Order BV, including the website, its online services and all possible communication via e-mail. May we kindly remind you that you are responsible for all details that you supply to us and that we count on them being truthful.

By using this site you automatically consent to the terms of this privacy policy. Any time you provide information via this site you automatically authorise its collection and use in accordance with this privacy policy. The Toadi Order BV shall not collect personal data from visitors which it reasonably believes to be under age (-18). We advise parents to talk to their children about use of the internet and about information provided to websites.

Like many websites this site actively gathers information from visitors by asking particular questions and giving visitors the opportunity to communicate with us directly via e-mail and forms. The Toadi Order BV also gathers information for the sale of its products. Such information provided may contain personal information (i.e. information that is directly related to you, such as your full name address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.). The Toadi Order BV is responsible for the safe transfer of the information provided you by, as the consumer.

You are sometimes obliged to provide certain information, in order to participate in particular activities (such as purchasing products or other offers). You will find more details about which information is required and which is optional where we gather such data.

When you navigate a website, certain information may be passively gathered (i.e. without you actively providing such information yourself) using various technical tools such as IP address, cookies and navigation data.

This site, like all others, uses Internet Protocol addresses (IP address). An IP address is a number allocated to your computer by your Internet Service Provider to give you access to the internet. Generally speaking, an IP address contains no personal data, as an IP address is normally dynamic (it changes whenever you make a connection) rather than static (belonging to the computer of a particular user). We use your IP address to investigate problems with our server. Unless otherwise expressly stated, we may use the information you provide to improve the content of our site, to adapt the site to your preferences, and to provide information (upon your request) related to the sale and supply of products.

We may also transfer your personal data to third parties, but only when using the services of third parties (external partners) to supply particular services or products (e.g. orders, technical and logistics services, financial transactions), provided that such third parties have agreed to respect the terms of this privacy policy. Under no circumstances will your personal information be transferred and/or sold to third parties who are not part of your production process, for example, to send you advertising. We may, however, send some of your personal details to potential clients without asking your permission beforehand. This only concerns your e-mail address, the type of robot and the district where you live. If the potential client wishes to do so, he/she may contact you for more information. Under no circumstances will your address or telephone number be transferred to the potential client. We may also use anonymous information collected via this site in any way we desire. Those visiting the website and providing personal information for whatever reason may view and amend their details in accordance with the law for the protection of personal privacy of 8 December 1992. Should the visitor’s data be used for direct-marketing purposes, you have the right to appeal free of charge. This site may contain links or references to other websites. Please note that we have no control over these websites and that our privacy policy does not apply to these websites. Whenever you visit a website, it is recommended always to consult the privacy policy of the website concerned. Whenever this privacy policy is amended, the revised version will be placed on this site. We recommend that you regularly consult our privacy policy, particularly when considering whether to provide your personal data via this site.

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