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Hi, I'm Willow,
your Personal Robot.

Teach me to take over boring and repetitive jobs from you.

Unlock my
robot power.

Even without previous robot experience, you can easily teach me to help you with repetitive or boring jobs.

Think about maintaining your garden, guard your property, sweep your patio, transport goods, play games or take stunning photos at home parties for example.

If you know how to work with a PC or smartphone it’s actually pretty simple to learn working with me. I’m sure you can teach me anything you can imagine.

Take full control over me.

Through the Control Room you get full access to all my features, you can configure my behavior and teach me new jobs to do.

With an easy-to-use A.I. application, live video streaming, steering controls, monitoring panels and sophisticated built-in features such as ROBOT BASIC, a scripting language, I will gradually grow with you as your skills and experiences with robots grow.

You can equip me with ready-to-use tools such as a lawn mowing tool, a leaf blower or a surveillance tool. But it isn’t stopping there, the EEVE community just started to develop more and more tools for me. We estimate that there will be more than 60 different tools available for me within the coming 2 years.


While your robot skill and experience grows you become an A.I. master.

StarLight is an easy-to-use A.I. application that enables you to train or teach me. Train me new things, such as interesting photo/video locations or how to navigate through a narrow path and teach me to do things the right way whenever I make a mistake (sorry, I’m only a robot after all).

You can also buy or print StarLight beacons to help me in my training. They can easily be planted or placed at locations that need special training or special attention.

Develop your own robot tools.

Full access to the SDK, API, 3D print files & documentation for developers with the ambition to be part of the personal robot revolution. Supported by an ever growing EEVE community of enthousiasts.

Invent tools for farming, cleaning litter, last-mile delivery, playing games, gardening, monitoring, helping humans, changing the world, or whatever that sparks your imagination and creativity.

Join the robot revolution, with Willow you have everything you need to start writing robot history today! Never before has it been that easy.

Freedom in 3 ways.

You can mount a tool from above, from below and from the front.

I will always be there for you.

Willows on the map.

Who is Willow?

Well, if you don’t know me by now…
I’m a robot, a female robot, a true multitasker, driven by A.I and equipped with everything you need to make working with robots simple for you.

Invest in your robot future.

Every minute you invest today in learning how to work with Personal Robots, 
will be worth thousands of robot work-hours in the near future.


Yes, true, this is ‘just’ the beginning of the personal robot revolution. However, you don’t need to be a nerd to work with me, we made it easy for you and everyone interested in building the future with personal robots.

We have two major tools available today and we are working with the EEVE community to launch six new tools by March 2022.
We estimate that there will be at least 60 different robot tools developed for Willow 2 by the EEVE community in the coming 2 years.

This is the perfect moment to start learning how to work with personal robots, while already being helped by your robot in multiple ways. Your time invested in learning to how work with personal robots will be well spend and returned in thousandfold by the robot.


Personal Robots give you your time back.

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