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The mowing tool

Never mow your own grass again.

This is the most sophisticated mowing robot that cuts even the wildest grass to the perfect length.


The Toadi mowing tool is mounted onto a Willow robot

Willow takes the mowing tool

Self-driving technology. A pool, flower beds, wild grass, slopes, multiple areas, fenceless edge, a trampoline, fruit trees, bushes… Willow, the robot where the Toadi tool is attached to, will always navigate on her own, in the most efficient & secure way. No perimeter cable needed.

No perimeter cable needed

Mow up to 3600m2

Multiple zones

Mow in straight lines

Don't let obstacles get in your way.

Artificial Intelligence. Your yard is alive, and that is how it should be. Kids play in the yard, leaves come and go, pets run around, fruit and nuts fall of the trees… Willow moves in a way that goes beyond your imagination, she surprises you with every turn she takes and leaves every obstacle untouched.


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Da Vinci’s Pencil.

Da Vinci’s Pencil is part of the mowing tool and will maintain your yard almost like a painting. Choose the desired length in the app, the pencil will do the rest.

Where the grass
is always greener


Smart & efficient. Willow with the Toadi mowing tool is the most efficiënt mowing combination you could own. The Willow robot can drive in straight lines* which makes you grass also mowed in this same pattern. She can even cross pathways to mow separated grass zones, unline conventional robotic mowers. 

*Under development, expected in March 2022

Eats lawn edges
for breakfast.

Robot vision. One camera & intelligent software, that’s all it takes to mow your lawn edges. Toadi recognises your lawn edges and knows where she can and cannot drive over an edge to mow it.

During the day

Willow with the Toadi mowing tool will do the mowing she’s designed for. This doesn’t mean you’re banned from your yard while she’s working. On a sunny day, kids want to play outside while the dog is probably keeping an eye on them from the cool grass, waiting to make his best move on that frisbee. You even might have a family-picnic idea or a planned BBQ.

Willow will notice all of you are there and will simply go around. This way you can enjoy without having to worry about being bumped into. Willow will come closer, but won’t eat up your picnic blanket or the kids’ frisbee.

The strong will remain


Ultra-durable protection layer for all seasons.

Titanium coated blades

Trim your lawn with professional grade blades, easy to replace.

Brushless mow motor

Mows even the wildest grass, in complete silence between a height of 2cm and 10cm

4K camera

Equipped with night vision.

All-terrain offroad tyres

Best grip ever for the yard.

Wireless power

Charging Willow connector-free.

Sustainable materials

made from corn starch.

Lithium-Ion batteries

Expected to have more than 70% of its original capacity after 6 years of usage.

There's a Willow for you

in the world.

The most beautiful things
pull on the heartstrings.

Made near you.

Local production. By using 3D-printing technology we succeeded in building the first distributed production facility ever. The Willow are produced and assembled locally, near you, supporting the economy where you live. In each country we sell Willow we also setup local production centers.

Imagination will take you everywhere.

Pushing the limits for good. Worker robots will help expedite the transition to a sustainable world. That’s why we are building the first affordable worker robot. Read our Master Plan to find out more.


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