Relax, sit back and enjoy.

Never cut your grass again. Willow’s self-driving technology uses a camera to autonomously drive around in your yard. The high-performance mowing motor cuts even the wildest grass at the perfect length, and night-vision enables Willow to secure your yard during the night.

Willow goes everywhere.

Self-driving technology.  A pool, flower beds, wild grass, slopes, multiple areas, fence-less edge, a trampoline, fruit trees, bushes… Willow will always navigate on her own, in the most efficient & secure way. No perimeter cable needed.

No perimeter cable needed

Mow up to 3600m2

Multiple zones

Mow in straight lines

Leaving it untouched.

Willow notices the difference between grass and other objects. She recognizes them and drives around them. This is how this wireless grass robot avoids fences, people, pools, ponds or toys left on the grass during a day of vacation.

How is this possible?

Willow uses a unique combination of advanced hardware, customized software and artificial intelligence (A.I).

These three provide the magic that Willow can perform. They make her the ideal companion for any tasks you throw at her now or in the future. In this combination, with the help of the Toadi mowing tool, she cuts the grass for you. The mowing tool mounted on a Willow follows the robot in her tracks.

Willow receives constant software updates: even better algorithms, new features, and for life!

The strong will remain


Ultra-durable protection layer for all seasons.

Titanium coated blades

Trim your lawn with professional grade blades, easy to replace.

Brushless mow motor

Mows even the wildest grass, in complete silence between a height of 2cm and 10cm

4K camera

Equipped with night vision.

All-terrain offroad tyres

Best grip ever for the yard.

Wireless power

Charging Willow connector-free.

Sustainable materials

made from corn starch.

Lithium-Ion batteries

Expected to have more than 70% of its original capacity after 6 years of usage.

Sustainable thinking

Willow was created to accelerate the path to a more sustainable world. Willow can take over less fun tasks or chores from you. She also never gets tired. The more different tasks Willow can do, the more sustainable and efficient Willow becomes. With the Toadi mowing tool, she uses your time more efficiently each time she mows.


Locally produced

Conceived and designed in Belgium, produced in local workshops per country of sale. Thanks to 3D printing, transport is reduced to a minimum, the local economy is supported and the chain for service and maintenance is a lot shorter.

Works with a smartphone

Willow can be followed and controlled with the smartphone via an application for Android as well as for iPhone. So you can choose bermuda low (2 cm) or rather sheep grass high (9 cm). Or something in between. Mowing the edges a little further? Adjustable. And much more.
The application takes you through the entire installation of your Willow. Willow can be installed in one to three walks, depending on your garden. Give it some time, let Willow mow a few times and adjust the details with the smartphone app.

Willow will always be there for you

Do your own garden scan

Do you wonder whether Willow can do a good job in your garden? Do the DIY garden scan and learn about the model that is best fit for your garden, what kind of internet connection you need and where to install the charging station.

Robot Installation Service

Would you rather have one of our specialists install your robot on location or remotely? Check our robot installations service.

Smart features

Willow gets smarter all the time, through free wireless software updates and artificial intelligence.

These smart features are available today in a beta stage, which means your robot needs a bit of human help to accomplish these taskes.

Multiple zones

Every garden is unique. Not every garden is a perfect soccer field with nothing but grass.


Paths can traverse the entire lawn and divide it into separate zones. You have a front yard? Connected by a paved path to the backyard? Or just a backyard? 


Willow will cross to these separate zones independently. In beta now.

No time to wait? Check our Landscaped Garden Guide to learn how Willow can mow multiple zones:

Mowing in straight lines

Willow uses smart technology. As a result, it will mow in straight lines. Mowing even more efficiently than it already can. Did you know that if Willow mows in straight lines, it will ultimately achieve more surface area per mowing? Nice extra: a beautiful striped lawn. A treat for the eye. Something other grass robots will never be able to do.


This is currently in full testing with some customers and will become available via a free wireless update.


Line mowing already works as beta feature, check our Landscaped Garden Guide.

Mowing to the edge

Willow is trained to mow to the edge of the lawn. Mowing the lawn to an edge of 20 cm is anticipated. We will introduced automated edge mowing by November 2022.


Want to mow edges today? Configure Willow's edge mowing yourself through the smartphone app.


Long Lasting Battery
Li-ion battery technology combined with our efficient energy management system to ensure a long-lasting battery life. After 6 years of use we expect the battery pack to still work at more than 70% of its capacity.
Dual Motors
Brushless motors, long-lasting and extremely quiet. Dual motors make Willow go up to slopes of 25% and the Willow Pro go up to slopes of 35%.
Willow maintains 1500 m2 of lawn and secures up to 3600 m2, while Willow Pro maintains 3600 m2 of lawn.
Silent whisper
Zen, relax, silent: < 50dB.
Our plastic is produced (100%) from renewable vegetable raw materials (corn starch or sugar cane).
Durable protection
Finished with a nano-ceramic coating to protect your Willow the whole-year round and in all weather conditions.
Designed for your yard
Nature is beautiful, your yard is beautiful, your outdoor furniture is beautiful, and so is your Willow.
The perfect eye
The 4K camera onboard is the perfect eye for Willow, to work and to create mementos for you.
See in the dark
Integrated infrared lights makes Willow see in the dark, up to 15 meters.
It’s getting hot in here
The internal heating system defrost the screen when needed during the winter.
The GPS allows you to always locate your Willow whenever she is connected to the internet.
Willow remembers the best WiFi location in your yard and drives towards it when needed to send you messages or download updates.
Subscribe to a monthly data-plan and have your Willow always connected to the internet.
Less is more
Subtle, small, yet powerful.
To be with you
Made to be installed in your garden, not only to be with you but also to protect you. Power cord of 1.5 meters.
There is energy in the air
Wireless power transmission between the charger and Willow.
In the box
Your Willow, the charger and 4 blades.
Standard warranty
2 years
For surfaces up to 1500 m2
For slopes up to 25%
Willow Pro
For surfaces from 1500 to 3600 m2
For slopes up to 35%

Willows chronology.

Early prototype (2018-2019): + $1,370,000
Kickstarter campaign (July 2020): 2312% goal reached: + $1,766,666
Batch March 2021: sold out: + $1,180,000
Batch July 2021: sold out: + $1,500,000
April '22 announcement: 2022 completely sold out

Orders now open for January 2023


You can only order your Willow with the mowing tool Toadi online. Due to the high demand, we are working with a waiting list while we are constantly increasing our production capacity.

The core functionality of the Willow robot is ready.
She navigates completely autonomously. This enables her to avoid objects, animals, and everything that might be in your yard. In combination with the mowing tool, this is the safest robotic mower on the market.


But we don't stop there.
We are continuously adding newly advanced features. These will become available, for free to all of our cutomers, when they are perfectioned. Check out our features roadmap here.