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Robot Revolution #5: AI-Powered Robots

In the fifth episode of Robot Revolution, we talk about AI-Powered Robots and everything related to that.

Wesley Lorrez

A Global supply chain run by robots.

Imagine how a global supply chain would look like when you have unlimited labor available at home, at no cost.


eOS 5.0 has arrived


EEVE Origin Story

Bo Verhulst

Connect your Willow with smart home applications Homey and Home Assistant

Homey connects to all your devices, making them approachable in one central place. You can control them with your voice, your smartphone or automatically control them according to your own rules. The voice-activated command center can handle WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave, among others.

Balou Productions

Robot Revolution #4: Robots in the USA

Today’s subject is “Robots in the USA” but before we go there we wanted to get a short update on the software updates we did over the past weeks.

Wesley Lorrez

With Willow X, EEVE brings the robot revolution to your home

Robot builder EEVE is positioning itself as a supplier of multifunctional and affordable robots for the general public. After presenting the Willow X concept in 2021, Belgium based EEVE is showing a working prototype of Willow X to the public for the first time. This marks the start of the race to win the hearts of everyone who prefers to leave tedious jobs to a robot.

Wesley Lorrez

Digital event: march22

Today we gave an overview of where we stand today and introduced our new application that will allow you to control your robot even more.
You can watch our digital event again here!

Bo Verhulst

How to get your garden ready for spring?

Now that the sun is coming out, of course, we all want to get outside. Maybe we're also itching to start gardening again. It's been a while, so we want to help you get your garden ready for spring and the new mowing season!

Bo Verhulst

A robotic mower without a wire, how does that work?

A cordless mowing robot saves you a lot of work. No hassle with digging in a cable. No damage in case of any adjustments in the garden. No replacing the wire over time is required. A lawn robot without wire is so much easier! Find out exactly how it works at Willow.

Wesley Lorrez

Valentine between robots

Balou Productions

Robot Revolution #3: Let's talk software!

In this episode we will be taking a dive into everything that is going on behind Willow's eyes: Let's talk software

Bert Van Wassenhove

Willow X - Welcome to the future of personal robots

Do you want to be part of an abundant future for all? We believe robots will be crucial to such a future, and we invite you to write history together with us.

Balou Productions

Robot Revolution #2: 3D-printing and EEVE Ateliers

In the second episode, Wesley Lorrez takes a deep dive into the world of 3D-printing and the EEVE ateliers, presented by Bert Van Wassenhove. 

Balou Productions

Robot Revolution #1: The Toadi mowing tool

An in depth session about the Toadi Mowing tool with Wesley Lorrez and Bert Van Wassenhove. What are the challenges for the mowing tool, how does the A.I. work, where do we stand now, what will the future bring? Discover everything in the first episode The Toadi Mowing Tool.

Bo Verhulst

Willow loves hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are mainly known for their spiny fur, pointed nose and the habit of rolling up when they feel threatened. What many don't know is that the population of hedgehogs has almost halved in the last ten years. There are several reasons for this and you too - like Willow - can help protect hedgehogs and their population.

Bo Verhulst

Winter is coming!

Wondering what to do with your Willow robot with Toadi mowing tool during winter? 

Bert Van Wassenhove

It’s a lawn mower, It’s a robot, It’s EEVE!

The company behind the Toadi robot becomes EEVE, and that's more than just a new name.

Frank Mariën

Toadi running smooth again

Over the past months our customers experienced an increasing number of ‘blocked wheels’ issues. All robots that are shipped pass through a quality control process where we run the wheels for a period of time. But in spite of that, some robots failed when they arrived at the customer.

Wesley Lorrez

The man in spandex

We should be celebrating this moment and welcome a bold inventor and entrepreneur like Elon Musk into the Robotics Industry.

Wesley Lorrez

The EEVE Master Plan

Wesley Lorrez - 26th of Nov. 2018 (edited for the EEVE rebranding in November 2021)

As you know, the initial product of EEVE is an intelligent lawn robot called Toadi, with extra security and entertainment functions. However, some readers may not be aware of the fact that our long-term plan is to build personal worker robot that will work for all of us at a very low cost. This is because the overarching purpose of EEVE is to help expedite the transition to a sustainable world.

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