A Global supply chain run by robots.

Imagine how a global supply chain would look like when you have unlimited labor available at home, at no cost.

A robot servant at no cost, working 24/7 in your home, living in the garden shed.

Maintaining your garden and house, knitting your sweater, growing your vegetables, washing your clothes, building your furniture, making you diner, goes shopping for you, cleaning your house, feeding the pets... 

Think about that for a moment.

Bringing local labor back to the home is like going back in the old age, however, by robots it becomes the next evolutionary step for mankind instead.

A technological revolution.

A decentralised global supply chain is the only way forward to enable a sustainable global supply chain that works for everyone.

It enables humankind to live with up to 60 billion people on planet earth, in a sustainable, healthy, fair and pleasant way.

Think for example about the impact robots will have on the production of vegetables. With a personal robot at home that grows your vegetables, harvests them and makes diner with it… You then have a personal cook at home with only leaving a small footprint of shipping the seeds to grow the vegetables. Cooks will spread their know-how digitally via robots, delivering the best menus at home, at no cost. No more transport of vegetables around the world. No need to take up land, no need for processing factories. No need to store them in the shop. No need to lose 40% because of shelf life.

Think for example about the impact robots will have when they make your clothes at home. An ethical sweatshop in your backyard. No need for designers to have a factory, enabling an explosion of creativity. No more human slaves to make cheap t-shirts. No transport, no distribution and shops needed. Luxury in a way humankind never experienced before, at the lowest footprint ever seen, only with the need to ship your yarn to you and deliver digital creative know-how to your robot.

Just to name 2 examples of the major change robots will bring by redesigning the global supply chain.

Raw materials grown at your home, or delivered at home. Processed into luxurious products by your own robot servant. With the choice of millions of different execution forms, digital delivered by creative experts.

Raw materials directly to the consumer. The shortest and most efficient global supply chain possible. Know-how and experience digitalised and then distributed on mass via robots. 24/7 available, at no cost.

It’s a change in evolution that will enable abundance for all.

The next level for humankind, together with personal robots as a tool.

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