Installation guide.

Introduction: How does a Willow robot navigate?

The Willow robot uses a camera to navigate through the world. Just like humans use their eyes to find their way around, your robot looks at the world and decides where to go.

Get started with the installation

In this step, we prepare for the installation of your robot and take her on a walk around your garden. To keep things clear and simple, we will limit this phase to one zone only. More zones can be added later.

  1. Install the EEVE app on your smartphone
  2. Install the charger in your garden
  3. Take your robot on an initial walk around your garden

Make your robot smarter with StarLight tools

Robots are only as smart as we humans make them. In order to teach her how to navigate in more complex environments, you can draw zones on a map of your garden to teach your robot how to behave in each zone.

Setting up a multi-zone garden

In you have a garden met multiple zones, you can teach your robot how to access them. We will reset the exploration that was done in step 1 and take it from there.