How do I clean my Willow robot?

We kindly ask that you clean your robot before sending her to our EEVE Atelier for repair.

Important: do not use any extra water to clean your Willow!


Step 1: Turn Willow to her side

Make sure the screen is placed on a soft surface to prevent scratches.


Step 2: Protect yourself
Safety first! Be very careful with the blades on the mowing disk. Cover them with tape to avoid injury. 


Step 3: Take off the rough dirt with the Willow Brush
Wipe the large debris off the robot before using water or other cleaning products.


Step 4: Use our Willow Wash or another allround cleaner
Apply a minimal amount on top and around the mowing disk of your robot.


Step 5: Scrub off the rest of the dirt with the Willow Brush


Step 6: Wipe off Willow with a damp cloth
Do not use any extra water.


Step 7: Dry your robot
Pat your robot dry with a towel or cloth.


You're done!


For reference, the following picture shows a dirty robot versus a cleaned robot. 


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