How do I clean my Willow robot?

We kindly ask that you clean your robot before sending her to our EEVE Atelier for repair.

If the robot arrives dirty and our repairers have to clean it themselves in order to repair it properly, an additional cost will be charged.
You don't have to make her look brand new, but the biggest dirt should be removed.

Step 1: The mowing disk
Safety first! Be very carefull with the blades on the mowing disk. Cover them with tape to avoid injury. You can choose to remove the mowing disk but you will have to replace the lock nut by a new one when you do so.

Step 2: Take off the rough dirt with the Willow Brush
Wipe the large debris off the robot before using water or other cleaning products.

Step 3: Use our Willow Wash or another allround cleaner
Apply generously both on top and around the mowing disk of your robot to give her a complete shower.

Step 4: Use our Willow Brush
Scrub away the dirt.

Step 5: Rinse off
We recommend using a plant sprayer instead of a garden hose. Definitely do not use a pressure washer.

Step 6: Dry your robot
Pat your robot dry with a towel or cloth.

You're done!

For reference, the following picture shows a dirty robot versus a cleaned robot. 

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