How to get your garden ready for spring?

Now that the sun is coming out, of course, we all want to get outside. Maybe we're also itching to start gardening again. It's been a while, so we want to help you get your garden ready for spring and the new mowing season!

First mowings
Grass starts to grow from 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, so with the current temperatures, it's almost time for the first cuts. After mowing, it is also ideal to fertilize the soil. Did you know that the perfect timing to fertilize your lawn is right before the rain? This allows the fertilizer to soak into the soil faster.

Along with the arrival of the spring sunshine, weeds are also starting to grow like grass. So stay ahead of the spreading weeds and start weeding these unwelcome guests in the garden soon.

Spring bulbs
Do you also dream of a beautiful spring festival in your garden? One tip is to plant spent spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses, tulips, etc. that have already done their work indoors in your garden. These will bloom next year and make your garden spring-ready again!

March is also the perfect time to plant summer flower seeds in your garden, so you will have a beautiful flower wealth by June and July.

Water, water, and water
The soil can dry out quickly due to the warm spring weather. Watering is therefore always the answer, preferably in the evening to prevent your plants from burning in combination with bright sunshine.


With spring approaching, it is advisable to give your terrace and any garden furniture a thorough cleaning now. This also applies to garden houses, sheds or other wooden fences, and the like. For this, not much more is needed than a pressure washer or garden hose.

Spring weather and spring delights
If you want to get your garden ready for spring, keep an eye on the weather forecast. A few sunny, warm days can quickly turn into freezing nights. So always check the weather forecast before you pull out your pruning shears.

Preparing Willow for Spring
The time has come to get Willow ready for spring because she too can't wait to come back to life and help you maintain your garden!

A good start is to clean your Willow robot again for the new mowing season. Make sure the blades are clean and check that they are still in good condition to cut your grass to the desired length. Once we've done that, inspect our charging station and then we can bring our Willow robot out of hibernation!

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