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Winter is coming

Wondering what to do with your Willow robot with Toadi mowing tool during winter? 

During the winter cold, there are a few options on what to do with your Willow robot with Toadi tool.

She can handle the winter cold quite well, but here are some instructions from us that you could use.

Willow doesn’t like it when it is colder than -5 degrees outside so when that is the case, we recommend you to put her inside. When you keep her inside, she doesn’t have to be on her docking station. Don’t forget to put her in “Shutdown” to avoid her suddenly starting to drive.

When the temperature remains above -5 degrees outside, she can perfectly stay outside on her docking station. In that case, you can change her frequency to “Less” or “Stop”.

Of course you can put your Willow robot with Toadi tool inside if you prefer so, both options are fine when it is not that cold. But if you choose to keep her inside, another reminder to put her in “Shutdown” so she does not start to move.

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