Toadi: the mowing tool.

Never cut your grass again. The high-performance mowing motor cuts even the wildest grass at the perfect length.


  • A pool, flower beds, wild grass, slopes, multiple areas, fence-less edge, a trampoline, fruit trees, bushes… Toadi will always mow in the most efficient & secure way. No perimeter cable needed.
  • Toys, yard appliances, and even a shoe might be stranded in your yard. It happens. That’s why Toadi won’t chop them up. She’ll recognize these unnatural objects and drive around them.
  • The electronic mower height will maintain your yard almost like a painting. Choose the desired length in the app, the robot will do the rest.
  • Toadi mows in straight lines. Trimming this way also makes her more efficient. She avoids driving in weird patterns and doesn’t cut the same spot over and over again. This approach makes Toadi up to 60 times more efficient than a classical lawn robot.


When your dog is sleeping in the yard, the last thing on its mind is a lawn robot. Toadi recognizes this behavior and simply drives around your relaxed pooch. But hedgehogs could also cross your yard or chickens might even be pecking at the lawn. Toadi won’t harass them. She will understand she has to live together with them and will elegantly mow around them.

Sheriff: The camera tool.

At night.

  • You can go to sleep without having to worry about your belongings. With Sheriff your robot will stand guard from her charging stationand make sure nobody gets in unnoticed.
  • With her infrared night vision camera intruders can be spotted and captured up to 98 ft. These pictures will then be sent to your phone so you’ll immediately know whats going on.
  • She looks lovely and sweet, and everyone wants her. But she won't just disappear from your yard. A potential thief will be caught by surprise when the loud alarm goes off in an attempt to lift her. And with the Find My Willow option, we will help you find your personal robot.

During the day.

  • Your robot will work during the day, she will for example mow your lawn with the Toadi tool. This doesn’t mean you’re banned from your yard while she’s working. On a sunny day, kids want to play outside while the dog is probably keeping an eye on them from the cool grass, waiting to make his best move on that frisbee. You even might have a family-picnic idea or a planned BBQ.
  • Your robot will notice all of you are there and will simply go around. This way you can enjoy without having to worry about being bumped into. She will come closer, but won’t eat up your picnic blanket or the kids’ frisbee.

More tools at the end of March 2022

You will be able to browse, download and buy new tools for your robot via our ToolStore.


We have two tools available today and we are working with the EEVE community to launch six new tools by March 2022. We plan that at least 60 different robot tools will be developed for Willow 2 by the EEVE community in the coming 2 years.


Use the Developer ToolKit to develop your own robot tools and share them with the EEVE community.

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