Don’t let obstacles
get in your way

Leave it all behind

Toys, yard appliances, and even a shoe might be stranded in your yard. It happens. That’s why Willow won’t chop them up. She’ll recognize these unnatural objects and drive around them.

If Willow still spots one of these items a couple of days later, she will take a picture of them and send it to your phone, to keep you informed.

From then on, it’s up to you...

Willow likes and also recognizes animals.

When your dog is sleeping in the yard, the last thing on its mind is a lawn robot. Willow recognizes this behavior and simply drives around your relaxed pooch.

But hedgehogs could also cross your yard or chickens might even be pecking at the lawn. Willow won’t harass them. She will understand she has to live together with them and will elegantly mow around them.

There’s a new chick in town

Want to smartest robotic mower in your yard? 

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