Willow goes

The beginning

The first day after installation, Willow discovers what your yard looks like and creates a map of it. Thanks to this map she can navigate in a smart & efficient way without the help of anyone or anything.

No matter how complex your yard is, Willow will always find her way and mow every blade of grass she encounters. No perimeter wire or inaccurate GPS needed. She looks, sees and knows her way around in the same way as humans do, and even better...

Her playing field

When there are no obstacles in the area, Willow can mow up to a football field. Within a highly complex landscape, she needs to travel more and spend more energy. A complex landscape can be maintained up to 1.2 acres.

Beyond zones

A gorgeous but a more complex yard?

Your yard might be divided into different zones, with a stone path, driveway, terrace or long walkway in between. Willow can handle all of these situations in the blink of an eye.

You don’t need any extra installation or costs to make this happen. Just show Willow around the first time and she will, from then on, always travel safely from one zone to the other. It doesn't get any easier than this.

A love for bees & butterflies

Willow can maintain a zone with wild grass for the bees and butterflies. You just have to tell Willow not to mow that specific area. Having a trampoline, for the kids, in the yard is nice. Having loads of bushes and fruit trees is wonderful, and neighbors living together without fences are inspiring.

And the most beautiful thing? Willow loves it all. All without a perimeter wire, just with pure intelligence.

Performed intelligently

All of this Is done through artificial intelligence. Willow keeps recognizing and adapting to new objects. If your yard changes, Willow acclimatizes to these new changes.

And of course, we trained her to be kind and gentle, in fact, she loves humans.

Want your own Willow with Toadi tool? 

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