Willow drives around without mowing

Sometimes your robot is roaming around the garden without mowing, but is she really? In this article you will find possible reasons why Willow driving around without mowing.

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First of all, check whether the AutoExplore function in the Daredevil tab of the remote control is enabled. If yes, disable it. Your robot does not need it at this time.


Here are some other reasons why she is not mowing and still driving:

  • She is on her way to another zone, Willow switches of her mowing blade while navigating.
  • The same happens when she is on her way to her docking station. If you see here searching along the edges of your lawn without mowing she is probably looking for her docking station. You can check that in the EEVE app.
  • There are people around: When your robot detects people around her she switches of the mowing blade for safety reasons. 
  • Whenever she is driving backwards, again for safety reasons, she does not mow.
  • And finally she could stop mowing simply because she needs to find out where she is to make a decision. So if is driving around for orientation purposes, to find her position she is also not mowing.

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