Willow isn't charging

Make sure she's on the charging station properly and check if the charger is working. Click for more info.

1. Check if your Willow is properly on the charging station

You can do this by aligning her perfectly on her charging station. The Charging coil in the back needs to be lined up with the coil in the charging station. They need to seamlessly touch eachother. 
Once they touch eachother they will heat up slightly. When this happens you can hear a little hissing sound and when you feel between the charger and Willow it might be a little bit warmer. Then you know she's charging. 

It is important that the charging station is positioned flat. Preferably on a tile of 1m².

2. Check for charging indications

Is your Willow well aligned with the charger? 
You could either hear a small hissing sound or feel a little bit of heat at the back of your Willow or the charger. In case this is then your Willow is charging. 

3. Final check in the control panel

You can check this for sure if you're able to log into the control panel. In this panel you can go into 'status' and then check the docking info. If the charging status is above 1.5A then she's charging. Ideally she charges at 2A.

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