Manual border mowing

In the correct circumstances a mowing robot can also mow the edges of your lawn. 

The safe option available today is manual border mowing, you can remote control your robot while she mows the borders of your lawn. From now on you can safely instruct Willow to manually start her mowing motor and drive her to wherever you want to mow the borders (manually).
This functionality can be found via the Remote Control, in the Controls section. It is called ‘Mow borders’ and it has 3 buttons (that are disabled by default).

For safety reasons we have integrated a method to make sure that you are near Willow when you activate the mowing motor:

  1. open the remote control and open the ‘Controls’ section;
  2. position Willow at the beginning of the location you want to mow;
  3. show Willow the QR code, you will see that the buttons become active in your Remote Control; 
  4. you can now click on ‘Start mower’ to activate the mowing motor;
  5. just drive over the location you want to mow;
  6. once you are finished you can ‘Stop Border Mowing’ to stop the mower and deactivate the buttons. 

There is a timeout of 30 seconds, if you don’t drive around for 30 seconds or don’t use the mower motor functionality for 30 seconds the buttons will disable automatically.

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