Toadi running smooth again

Over the past months our customers experienced an increasing number of ‘blocked wheels’ issues. All robots that are shipped pass through a quality control process where we run the wheels for a period of time. But in spite of that, some robots failed when they arrived at the customer.

The good news is that we have identified the problem. It was related to a new type of epoxy glue that was used by our supplier. Under certain combinations of temperature and humidity this glue became conductive.

We are now repairing all motors to prevent this from happening again, and we can repair robots that come back from the field with that problem.

What should you do? If your robot runs OK, don’t worry, just let her do her job. However, when one of the wheels blocks permanently, contact our customer success Jedi’s at, and they will arrange for your robot to be shipped back and repaired.

May the force be with us!
Team Customer Success

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