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EEVE Ateliers

The EEVE Ateliers are the local production facilities for our robots and tools. When ordering one of our products, it will be 3D printed at the EEVE Atelier as close as possible to your place of delivery.

You can visit an EEVE Atelier to:

  • See our robot and tools in action during a demo session
  • Have your EEVE product serviced or repaired

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Why EEVE Ateliers?

From the start EEVE has chosen for 3D printing as a production technology for our products. There are many advantages to this choice and one of those that it enables us to produce close to our customers. Rather than shipping robots and tools worldwide from one large product facility, we support local entrepreneurship, create jobs in communities worldwide and put an end to the crazy practice of shipping goods over huge distances. 

EEVE ateliers are organised in a franchise system with local partners who get the opportunity to build a business with the support and technology of EEVE. Contact our business development team if you are interrested building your local EEVE business.

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