Relax, lie back and enjoy.

Willow mows the lawn for you, shreds & collects leaves, guards at night and does much more.

No complex perimeter wire or external antenna installation needed.

The self-driving technology uses a camera to autonomously drive around in your garden.

Never mow your lawn again.

Willow mows it for you. Equipped with the mowing tool she works like a lawn robot. Willow uses a camera to autonomously drive around in your yard, no perimeter cable needed.

Enjoy a weed-free garden without the work.

Say goodbye to the tedious, repetitive chore of weeding. Weedy transforms your Willow or Willow Pro robot into a smart weeding machine that does the job for you. Equipped with advanced AI and eco-friendly solutions, it not only takes the work out of garden care but also makes your life more enjoyable. Experience the future of effortless gardening with Weedy.

Unlock the robot power.

Even without robot experience, you can easily teach Willow to help you with repetitive or boring chores. Maintaining your garden, guarding your property, sweeping your patio, transporting goods, playing games or taking beautiful pictures at parties in your home.


If you can work with a computer or smartphone, it is quite easy to learn to work with Willow. You can teach her anything you can think of.


Teach Willow things without programming code.

StarLight is easy-to-use software that allows you to teach your Willow things. Teach her to take a daily photo at a specific location in the garden or how to navigate a narrow path. Teach her to do things the right way. You can teach her things endlessly, she never gets tired.


You can also buy StarLight beacons or 3D print your own to help Willow understand things even better. These starlights can easily be placed in places that need special attention. This way Willow learns faster.

Have full control over Willow.

Through the Control Room, you get full access to all features, can configure Willow's behavior and teach her new commands.

With an easy-to-use desktop application, live video streaming, controls, monitoring panels and advanced built-in features, Willow gradually grows with you as you get to know and use her better.


You can add ready-made extensions such as a lawn mower or a monitoring tool to her capabilities. It is estimated that over 60 different tools will become available for Willow in the next 3 years. This will allow her to take over many more tasks from you. Picking up nuts from under the walnut tree, sweeping the patio, clearing leaves, ...

Built on the EEVE Robot Platform

Program new features & print new tools yourself

Full access to the SDK, API, 3D print files & documentation for developers with the ambition to be part of the personal robot revolution. Supported by an ever growing EEVE community of enthousiasts.

Invent tools for farming, cleaning litter, last-mile delivery, playing games, gardening, monitoring, helping humans, changing the world, or whatever that sparks your imagination and creativity.

Join the robot revolution, with Willow you have everything you need to start writing robot history today! Never before has it been that easy.

Willow will always be there for you.

Invest in your robot future.


Every minute you invest today in learning how to work with Personal Robots, 
will be worth thousands of robot work-hours in the near future.

Personal Robots give you your time back.

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